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Our ministries are designed to help people at every level of their spiritual journey. We desire to: reach people in our community with hope; build them up; and equip them to fulfill their God-given purpose in life.

Children's Ministry

Kingdom Kids at the New London Alliance aims to partner with parents to guide children toward the heart of God. Our Wednesday night program is outreach focused to WIN children and their friends for Christ. Sunday school is focused on GROWing in Christ, studying the Bible and learning more about God's character. Junior church is spent taking the lessons learned in Sunday school and learning how to apply it to our everyday lives. 



Ignite Youth at the New London Alliance has the same vision as our Corporate church: “We exist to create environments where people encounter hope, gain purpose, and experience transformation by winning people to Christ, growing people in Christ, and equipping people to serve Christ.” We actively seek to introduce the youth in our area to the great Hope that we have in Christ, which leads to great purpose and transformation! We aim to do this by supporting parents and families in their God given responsibility to disciple their children.



Our adult ministry seeks to equip and encourage people to grow in their walk with Christ. We focus on building relationships with each other and providing a support system for one another so that everyone feels empowered to fulfill the God-given call on their life.  This allows us to reach our community with the love of Jesus.

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