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Adult Ministry

The Mission of the New London Alliance Church is

“To create environments where people encounter hope, gain purpose, and experience transformation by WINning people to Christ, GROWing people in Christ, and EQUIPping people to serve Christ.”


At the adult level we WIN people through building relationships with people within our communities and encouraging each other to share the love of Christ with their new friends.


We GROW people in Christ by sharing time with one another in Growth Groups designed to support and encourage people to move from spiritual childhood to maturity in Christ (who prays, studies the Word of God, shares Christ’s love, and serves people in our community the way Jesus served people in His community as He walked this earth.)


Our EQUIPping ministry supports a mature disciple in his or her call to service in Christ by developing specific ways to equip (and prepare) them to answer their specific call to serve Jesus. This is not a “Pastoral Call” to ministry, but the call to service that every Christian receive to serve their Savior.

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