New items:

Play sand


brown pipe cleaners

green pipe cleaners

mini seashells

zippered sandwich bags

plastic wrap (saran wrap)

colored drinking straws

thin cord (for necklaces)

mini craft bells

plastic Petri dishes

Transparency sheets

Bright colored tissue paper (in multiple colors)

Mini suction cups (with hooks)

Gold floral wire


1-oz. condiment cups with lids

gummy worms (for science project)

Household "repurposed":


Spray pain

empty cardboard boxes

Paper towel tube

Baby food jars - glass

1 lb. strawberry plastic container

Supplies to BORROW:

Small wading pool

Beach toys

Stuffed beach animals

3 pool inner tubes

Plastic ocean animals

Toy boats

Number "1" cookie cutter

small fishing nets (or butterfly)

rubber fish

FOOD items:

whale-shaped crackers 

fruit snacks (sea creatures)

tropical fruit punch

Bugles snacks

pineapple juice

frozen lemonade concentrate

large boxes blue gelatin

frozen orange juice concentrate

2-liters of Sprite®

mini pretzels

Rolo® candies

any small candy hearts

golden sandwich cookies

Hershey’s Nuggets® (no nuts)

mini M&M’s®